BEWARE... Burn Baby Burn!

Having raved about my new Amika hair curlers... I actually have something bad to say about them now.  I was trying to make my hair look half decent the other week and whilst using my curlers... I burnt myself BIG TIME.

Whilst curling my hair, I managed to touch the back of my forearm for a split second... literally...all of 1 SECOND.  And this is the damage it caused as they get super hot and also because usually the end of curlers have a plastic part but these don't... (sorry for the graphic images!!)

In the end I had to go to the doctors to get it treated because it started to get infected despite my efforts to keep in clean etc. So girls... becareful if you have these Amika curlers as it could cause some serious damage!



The Most Spectacular Show On Earth...

It's been an incredible and super exciting 2 weeks here in London... can't believe The Olympics is all over.  London 2012, you have done us proud!

Wonderful: The Olympics enthralled many for 16 days, but all good things must come to an end

Finale: The closing ceremony in the Olympic Stadium provided one of the most spectacular fireworks displays Britain has ever seen

Impressive: Fireworks shoot across the arena as athletes gather in formation underneath to make the shape of the Union flag

It's over: Fireworks light up the Olympic Village in Stratford, east London as London 2012 draws to an emotional close

I'm definitely going to Rio in 2016 for the next Olympics!

Looking forward to what the Paralympics will bring...



I ♥ London

Got this set of PJs in the one and only Primarni the other day! LOVE the shorts.



My First... Indian Wedding

A very very good friend of mine Reena got married last weekend and I got to share her big day with her which was amazing. It's my first experience of an Indian wedding so I was very much looking forward to it and in particular, wearing a sari for the first time!

Here's a few photos of the day...

The beautiful bride ready to roll!

The civil ceremony...
The Indian ceremony...
Me and Neema...

A happy but seriously emotional end...

A tradition where girls try and stop the groom taking the bride away...  love the colours of the saris!



Rio Sonicleanse - Clarisonic Mia Dupe!

My skin has been terrible lately (well ever since I got back from travelling probably from being deprived of the sun!) and have been umming and ahhing about getting the Clarisonic to help get my face back to normality.  After seeing some reviews on YT... I decided to go for the dupe Rio Sonicleanse!  I chose this over the Clarisonic purely because of the price as I wasn't ready to spend £120 and it's received some rave reviews.

I bought mine from Amazon for £49.99 however you can get it from Peak Nutrition for £40 plus P&P (They didn't have stock when I got mine so went with Amazon and dammit they reduced the price here as well now!).

The Rio comes with a stand and a spare brush.  You have to charge it for 24hrs first before you use it and on charge, there's a red light.

Step 1: take that slap off your face first so that you don't dirty this thing up and have to replace the brush sooner than needed.

Step 2: Dampen your face with some warm water and lather on some cleanser (I'm using a Dermalogica one).

Step 3: Then, simply press the button to turn it on.  It has 2 speed settings - fast, and faster! It will bleep once when you turn it on which is the highest setting, then if you want it slower, press it again.  You put it on a section of your face and let it work it's magic.  After 20 secs, it will beep to let you know to move your brush onto the next part of your face.  Once you're done. Press the button off again and voila.

ALERT! This baby is water resistant, NOT waterproof so don't drop in the bath or sink full of water or anything otherwise it will probably die.

I've only used this twice and so far so good! My skin is quite delicate so wasn't used to the mad exfoliation going on, however that said, it does a really good job of cleaning deep into my skin.  After the 2nd time I used it, my face felt super smooth so I'm sure given time, it'll become much better.

I've decided I'm going to use it everyday for 30 days and I'm going to call it...

Project Rio!

(Very adventurous with the name I know. I'll probably slack off a few days here & there though but I'll try my best to stick to it).

Have you got the Rio Sonicleanse and what do you think?

Ciao Bellas!



A Big Initial Hurdle... Parents Edition.

Now you've told your other half... now for your 'rents.

If your parents are anything like mine, their thoughts are SAFETY SAFETY SAFETY.... oh and did I mention safety?  Though I was going to be travelling with a friend of mine and won't be alone, that was still their number 1 concern.  This is what they said in a nutshell... "We've raised you for 26 years and we don't want anything to happen to you. What happens if something terrible happens to you and we can't find your body?!!".

How NOT to do it -
"Hi Mum, Dad. I'm going go give up my job and go travelling." BIG MISTAKE.  This scenario will cause them to go ape shit which they did on me with them shouting words like safety! job! career! money! etc.

How to do it -
I left it for a while then came back to them with the following...

1) Who - who you are planning on doing this epic journey with (and what they're like if they don't know what they're like already).
2) Where - show them a list of where you are planning to go (ideally produce a map in front of them if they're not particularly great friends with geography).
2) When - timeframes! Give them an idea of how long you are going for, when you are planning to go etc.
3) How - it's a good idea to show them how much money you think you'll need for this trip and show them how you are planning to go about financing it.
4) What & Why - tell them the benefits of going on this trip... how much you really want to do this, how much of a dream it is, character & experience building etc etc.

Basically, you want to show them in a high level plan of what you are going to do and how you are going to go about doing this then keep them up date if they want on the details.  This would put things into perspective for them and put them more at ease.