BEWARE... Burn Baby Burn!

Having raved about my new Amika hair curlers... I actually have something bad to say about them now.  I was trying to make my hair look half decent the other week and whilst using my curlers... I burnt myself BIG TIME.

Whilst curling my hair, I managed to touch the back of my forearm for a split second... literally...all of 1 SECOND.  And this is the damage it caused as they get super hot and also because usually the end of curlers have a plastic part but these don't... (sorry for the graphic images!!)

In the end I had to go to the doctors to get it treated because it started to get infected despite my efforts to keep in clean etc. So girls... becareful if you have these Amika curlers as it could cause some serious damage!



The Most Spectacular Show On Earth...

It's been an incredible and super exciting 2 weeks here in London... can't believe The Olympics is all over.  London 2012, you have done us proud!

Wonderful: The Olympics enthralled many for 16 days, but all good things must come to an end

Finale: The closing ceremony in the Olympic Stadium provided one of the most spectacular fireworks displays Britain has ever seen

Impressive: Fireworks shoot across the arena as athletes gather in formation underneath to make the shape of the Union flag

It's over: Fireworks light up the Olympic Village in Stratford, east London as London 2012 draws to an emotional close

I'm definitely going to Rio in 2016 for the next Olympics!

Looking forward to what the Paralympics will bring...