A Royal Affair

Kensington Palace re-opened it's doors to the public again after a £12 million refurbishment.  Having only been opened 4 days, I thought it would be cool to explore the palace sooner rather than later and as I'm a lucky lady, my flatmate who works at the palace gave me and Shawn a free pass!

For those of you that don't know, the palace sits comfortably in London's Hyde Park and is set in stunning grounds.  The grass is freshly cut, there's a pretty lake right in front, and the red brick building is gorgeous.  It was bought by William III and Queen Mary for £20,000 in 1689 (you can't even buy a box with that money now) and was home to Queen Victoria and other Royals of which notably, the late Princess Diana, Prince Charles, and where Prince William and Harry was brought up.

So without further ado... here's what went down.

W for Wong whoop! Love this chair...

Beautiful display...


Day in life...

Greenwich market in the brilliant sunshine... it was so busy every man and his dog was there and it's not even the Olympics yet! Dread to think what this place would be like come June - August.

I found this out when I got back... I now live in a Royal Borough! Bit of a suprise there...

Good ol' Cutty Sark's refurbishment after the fire is almost finished for this summer. Can't wait to see it's former glory restored.

Artistic photography with the alphabet...

Love love love these chicken doorstops. I'm broke at the moment but when I'm back in the game.. these are one of the first things I'm going to buy!

I love the coasters in the photos.. they're like tiles but with awesome designs. I'm definitely having me some of them when I have my own place.


The Hunger Games... worth watching?

I went to watch The Hunger Games the other day to see what all the fuss is about.  They did keep it pretty schtum before the film was released.

Source: google.com via Kristen on Pinterest

So this film/book is a trilogy and is set in the future where there are 12 districts of people. Each year, the Capitol selects a boy and girl from each of the districts to death on live TV. TWISTED or what??

During the so called 'game', the competitiors have to eliminate other contestants in order to survive as the last one standing wins.


The film was definitely enjoyable and it does keep you on the edge of your seat.  This film/book is pretty much an updated version of the Japanese film  Battle Royal (check it out if you haven't seen as it's pretty exciting too!).  Battle Royal is the same concept but instead of districts, it's set in modern day and it's killing off your classmates and your friends.  This is not as horrifying but it does make you wonder if you were in Katniss's positions what would you do? Would you survive?

As for the actors, Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss) did an great job and Peeta was really cute but GAIL... hubba hubba. Gosh I hope he gets more of a part in the next one!!!

Anybody else watched the film or read the books? I'm not sure about reading the books...


Jump for joy!

A compilation of jumping shots from travelling...

maker gif

maker gif

Love T

I Covet Theeee

Whilst I was in Vietnam, I saw these beautiful Hmong ethnic bags that I really wanted to get.  I found a one satchel that I really loved but was unsure about paying £30 for it  A) considering it's Vietnam and things don't cost that much there and BB I couldn't bring myself to spending a chunk of my budget on it. C) Space was an issue in the rucksack. SO in the end... I didn't buy it and now I reget it obviously!!

I decided to have a look around for a similar one online now I'm back and I've found this!!! It's not the same style as the Vietnamese one but it's the Cambodian Ikat pattern but I'm in with this.  So I've decided to get this as soon as I get my first paycheck next month woop!  I think it would be perfect for summer.

What do you guys think of this?

Source: etsy.com via Terri on Pinterest



A New Job!

Coming back to reality means... getting a job.

And the BIGGEST job of all is finding one!

During my trip I've had a chance to really think about what I want to do with my career and where I want to take it. So this was my job wishlist...

1) It has to be in online marketing - not part offline & part online. My heart is definitely in digital.
2) Back in Ecommerce ideally in retail or travel. For those that don't know what this means... it's the buying/selling of goods or services online.
3) A job that offers the next steps - something more analytical & strategy based to path my way to becoming a future Online Marketing Manager.
4) Ideally NOT in central London - I hated my commutes on the tubes... it was a hassle, there are plenty of annoying people, and worst of all the dreaded delays/part suspensions/signal failure/person under a train.  Not to mention this summers Olypmics and the drama this would cause especially living 3 stops down from the Olympic stadium on the Jubilee Line and down the road from the O2.
5) At least the same salary as my last job.

So in my penultimate week of the travels, I emailed a recruitment consultant about a job I saw online and we managed to secure a telephone interview on the day I get back!  I then had a face-to-face interview with them on Friday which lasted almost 2.5hrs and finally had the last interview yesterday and I've got the job!!

Source: contiki.com via Terri on Pinterest

I'm going to be working for Contiki (holidays for 18 - 35's). I'm super excited as it checks off everything on my wishlist up there and the role sounds perfect. I can't believe my luck to be able to secure a job within a week of coming back it's crazy!

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I can't wait to start work and get back into it all?! 
2012 is definitely a good year.



Travelling Blues...


Can't believe that my travels are now over after 3 months.

Without sounding too much of a cliche... it was definitely the best experience of my life.

I went to Hong Kong for Christmas and New Year, East Coast of Oz for 2 weeks, a few days in Singapore and Malaysia, a month in Thailand, a week in Cambodia and 2 weeks in Vietnam.

It was awesome travelling with my flatmate Laura (Laurence!) and we've met so many people, seen many sights, experienced many things and of course tasted all the amazing cuisine.  This trip has definitely heightened my hunger to travel a whole lots more.

Without further ado... here are a few highlights!

Though I didn't go for as long as I hoped, I'm so glad that I've now fulfilled one of my lifelong dreams... I've just got the rest to fulfill!

Love T

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