I Covet Theeee

Whilst I was in Vietnam, I saw these beautiful Hmong ethnic bags that I really wanted to get.  I found a one satchel that I really loved but was unsure about paying £30 for it  A) considering it's Vietnam and things don't cost that much there and BB I couldn't bring myself to spending a chunk of my budget on it. C) Space was an issue in the rucksack. SO in the end... I didn't buy it and now I reget it obviously!!

I decided to have a look around for a similar one online now I'm back and I've found this!!! It's not the same style as the Vietnamese one but it's the Cambodian Ikat pattern but I'm in with this.  So I've decided to get this as soon as I get my first paycheck next month woop!  I think it would be perfect for summer.

What do you guys think of this?

Source: etsy.com via Terri on Pinterest


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