Travelling Blues...


Can't believe that my travels are now over after 3 months.

Without sounding too much of a cliche... it was definitely the best experience of my life.

I went to Hong Kong for Christmas and New Year, East Coast of Oz for 2 weeks, a few days in Singapore and Malaysia, a month in Thailand, a week in Cambodia and 2 weeks in Vietnam.

It was awesome travelling with my flatmate Laura (Laurence!) and we've met so many people, seen many sights, experienced many things and of course tasted all the amazing cuisine.  This trip has definitely heightened my hunger to travel a whole lots more.

Without further ado... here are a few highlights!

Though I didn't go for as long as I hoped, I'm so glad that I've now fulfilled one of my lifelong dreams... I've just got the rest to fulfill!

Love T

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  1. Wow these photos are great! I'm so jealous! x


  2. I love the picture of you with the koala - so cute! x