My first market stall...

Wonderhill High Market is a market which is aimed at selling UK Handmade Artisan Craft, Sustainable and vintage things.  It happens once a month and lots of creative peeps sell their handmade goodies at the event

Minny and I rocked up to this months event to try and sell some of our handmade treasures.  To be honest, there wasn't much footfall at this event so I didn't sell that much but I did sell some stuff which feels great!  Here's some photos of me and Mins...

I will be setting up my online shop soon so will be selling my jewellery there! Watch this space... 

Love Txx


My Jewellery - Sneak Peak 2!

Sneak peek numero deux of my little creations...

Montage created by the lovely Minny!

I'm going to be doing something super exciting (well for me anyways) with Minny at the end of Sept.  We're going to sell our stuff in a market stall! Woop.  I'm going to dedicate my next post to Minny and the wonders she makes.

Love Txx



I'm at home home this weekend to spend some time with my beloved parents.  I just took a shower and thought I MUST blog about this...(apologies for doing another Garnier post).

I just used a facewash that was lying round in the bathroom... it's the Garnier Skin Naturals Anti-Blackhead deep pore wash.

Terri's Verdict?

It felt like I was using SANDPAPER on my skin!

Yes... it's an anit-blackhead wash and yes it's supposed to be exfoliating.


I felt like I was scratching my skin off.  It was horrible! I had to rinse it of as quickly as possible.

I would definitley not recommend it.  Have you used it and felt the same??

That's all.

Love Txx


Garnier BB Cream - Edit!

BB creams are new to the UK but have been around for sometime now especially in Asia.  My mum says that everything in Hong Kong is BB lol.   I'm sure many of you have read about the new Garnier BB cream and maybe even tried it?  There's 2 shade available, Light and Medium. So whats the big deal we ask?

It claims to:
1) Even skin tone
2) Blur imperfections
3) Smooth fine lines
4) Provide 24hr hydration
5) Helps protect with SPF 15.

Terri's Verdict?

I bought the Medium shade as the light shade was too light.

Photo 1:  Clean face with steam cream moisturiser.

Photo 2: With BB Cream

Photo 3: With basic makeup - bit of bronzer, blusher, and eyeliner.

I've used this for 1 week to get a better idea of it before reviewing it.

In my honest opinion, it's not amazing.  I found it to be just like a tinted moisturiser.  I don't really have spots and stuff (touch wood) so it's hard to say whether it does a good job covering those up but really DON'T expect it to cover up as well as foundation (of course).  It's alright if you are looking for an everyday look thats quick and easy to put on.  I'm not sure if you can see from the photos, the coverage does look better in real life. I did find that the product had a pinkish tone to it, I've got chinese skin so my skin colour is slightly yellow so it's not the perfect match.

Quick tip:
don't put too much on!  It's quite a thin product and spreads easily.  Putting too much on will make your face will look really oily - definitely dust on a bit of powder to set it.

Will I recommend it?

This product did not blow me away.  For £9.99 I can think of a better product I could buy (in fact I will do a review on my foundation which I LOVE... and it's highstreet).  Though I have to say I think this BB cream is better than my MAC face and body foundation as that is far too thin for any coverage whereas this does give a better all round complexion.  I guess you would have to really try to see for yourself, I think it will work differently on different skin tones and textures.

So does it live up to it's claim?

1) Even skin tone -
2) Blur imperfections - not so sure.
3) Smooth fine lines - kind of.
4) Provide 24hr hydration -

So what do you girls think? Anybody else have used this and think the same?? 

Love Txx


I received a lovely present for my birthday... it was a voucher for Stylistpick!  If you don't know about it already, it's basically a personal shoe stylist website where they ask you some questions about your style icons etc. then they present you with a selection of shoes, bags and now jewellery in a 'showroom' for you.  This is a monthly subscription of £39.95 including delivery.

Here's what I picked out for my present...

~It's wrapped beautifully~

I chose a pair of brogues because I hardly ever wear high heels as much as I love the look & thought of them.  So with these, I can wear it to work and right through Winter as well.

StylistPick really thought about their customers because it was wrapped like a luxury brand and there's the small details like the polaroid sticket, thank you card and even put in a little gift - a bracelet!

Sign up and get it for 25% off in August! You can always cancel the subscription if you want.

Have you shopped on Stylistpick before?

Love Txx


Forever 21 - I wish.

A closer look at what I bought..

This is the only playsuit I own.  I've got big hips & a rather large bamsi so everytime I try them on, I just think it makes me look like an elephant.  This one fits really well as it doesn't go up my backside. I love them but they're so not practical when you go to the toilet, you're literally starkers!

Do you guys wear playsuits much?

Love Txx


Haul Haul Haul!

Had a bit of a shopping spree recently... I never shop like this (especially as I'm trying to save as much dosh as I can at the moment).  But I really need some new work clothes so thought it was about time to hit Forever 21 to see what they've got to offer.

The damage...

Forever 21 Haul...

Superdrug haul...

And I picked up a few mags aswell to top it off!

I'll do a post on the clothes and also a post on reviews of the Superdrug goodies (apart from the cotton pads... don't think you need a review on this)! So watch this space...

Love Txx


My jewellery - Sneak Peek.

Here's a sneak peek of my jewellery... I'll be able to put some on here and on Etsy for sale very soon.  I know I'm showing alot here but what do you think?

Love Txx


My Head In The Clouds

I've had a lot on my mind recently... here's just some of my thoughts...

Definite mixed emotions.

Love Tx


My New Dog & Bone!

I did it.  I broke my iphone a few weeks back and Apple couldn't fix it.  Yup.  All contact details were lost, all 1000+ photos gone, old messages... zip. ziltch. nada. kaput. vaminos.  I only saved a few photos and of course iphone doesn't allow any information to be stored on the sim.  Cut long story short, my contract was coming to an end anyways so it was time to get a new phone.

After umming and aahhing for a while, I decided to LEAVE the iphone club(?!). Yup. I am now no longer part of the iphone clan and all that jazz that comes with it.

Instead, I've now got myself a new Samsung Galaxy S2... Ta Da!

how to make gif

I was really scared to come out of my 'comfort zone' as I do love the iphone.  However, despite how 'great' the iphone is, there's lots of things that I don't like or that really bug me about it so thought it was time to venture out and try something new.  Plus I didn't want to feel like SHEEP anymore!

The SGS2 is sooooooo good! It's so much more technologically advanced than the iphone.  It's SUPER LIGHT and there's so much more personalisation, there's cool widgets, you can just about do anything like I even used it to work out something in Excel (crazy sh*t). The camera is 8 megapixel... what more do you want? OHHH... I've also been watching films on my phone during my commute - love! I've also bought a really nice purple (photo isn't great - it was taken using the iphone).

The only downside is the battery life but other than that, I'm sooooo glad that I'm not just following the Apple craze.  What I hate about the iphone is that, it's actually not that great because it's miles behind everyone else yet everyone loves it (bet if iphone allowed software like Excel on it or an 8mgp camera on it, people would be like "Oh my god. That's like the coolest thing ever" even though it's been out for donkey's ears).  8/10 people have an iphone on the tube and it feels nice not to be just another iphone user.

Anybody else have this phone? If not, which phone do you have??

Love Txx