Garnier BB Cream - Edit!

BB creams are new to the UK but have been around for sometime now especially in Asia.  My mum says that everything in Hong Kong is BB lol.   I'm sure many of you have read about the new Garnier BB cream and maybe even tried it?  There's 2 shade available, Light and Medium. So whats the big deal we ask?

It claims to:
1) Even skin tone
2) Blur imperfections
3) Smooth fine lines
4) Provide 24hr hydration
5) Helps protect with SPF 15.

Terri's Verdict?

I bought the Medium shade as the light shade was too light.

Photo 1:  Clean face with steam cream moisturiser.

Photo 2: With BB Cream

Photo 3: With basic makeup - bit of bronzer, blusher, and eyeliner.

I've used this for 1 week to get a better idea of it before reviewing it.

In my honest opinion, it's not amazing.  I found it to be just like a tinted moisturiser.  I don't really have spots and stuff (touch wood) so it's hard to say whether it does a good job covering those up but really DON'T expect it to cover up as well as foundation (of course).  It's alright if you are looking for an everyday look thats quick and easy to put on.  I'm not sure if you can see from the photos, the coverage does look better in real life. I did find that the product had a pinkish tone to it, I've got chinese skin so my skin colour is slightly yellow so it's not the perfect match.

Quick tip:
don't put too much on!  It's quite a thin product and spreads easily.  Putting too much on will make your face will look really oily - definitely dust on a bit of powder to set it.

Will I recommend it?

This product did not blow me away.  For £9.99 I can think of a better product I could buy (in fact I will do a review on my foundation which I LOVE... and it's highstreet).  Though I have to say I think this BB cream is better than my MAC face and body foundation as that is far too thin for any coverage whereas this does give a better all round complexion.  I guess you would have to really try to see for yourself, I think it will work differently on different skin tones and textures.

So does it live up to it's claim?

1) Even skin tone -
2) Blur imperfections - not so sure.
3) Smooth fine lines - kind of.
4) Provide 24hr hydration -

So what do you girls think? Anybody else have used this and think the same?? 

Love Txx


  1. I hadn't heard about this, but it sounds like an interesting product...though from what you said, it's not much different to a tinted moisturizer! Shame!


  2. Thanks for this review, I've been wondering about these for a while! I'm not sure I'll be purchasing though, especially as there's only two shades. Think I'll save my money and wait for another brand to release their BB cream here.