Summertime, And Living Is Easy.

Summer... hmm.  Not quite here in the UK (is it ever??).  After that brief spell of hot weather we had in April - 3 months ago I might add - we've had bits of sunshine but not a rise in mercury.  As it's grey and dull outside I wanted to brighten things up and do a blog spot about my favourite summer nail varnishes.  Here's the spectrum of colours...

After I painted my nails I realised I should have done them the other way round because I started on my pinky first *doh*! So I've reversed the images to show it better - hopefully.

From L - R:
1) Elf - Nude
2) Rimmel French Manicure - French Ivory
3) Barry M - Peach Melba (definite a favourite!)
4) Pinkey (Hong Kong brand sorry!) - not sure what would be equivalent
5) Beauty UK (from Superdrug) - Pink Explosion
6) Pinkey - same as above
7) Rimmel I Love Lasting Finish - Tangerine Queen
8) Barry M - Mint Green (looks bluey here but it's really mint green!)
9) Barry M - Spring Green
10) Rimmel 60 Seconds - Sky High

What's your favourite polishes for the summer you would recommend?

Love Tx

I'm so...

... that I just can't hide it (but I have to).

Love Tx


Weight Loss??

It's been almost a week since I started my 'healthy eating regime'.  I have decide that I'm not going to call it a diet anymore.  I absolutely hate the word and makes me feel uncomfortable.

So what went down?

I've been following what the book has been saying (though to exactly what it says).
Breakfast: Strawberries & a peach or 2.
Snacks: Non.
Lunch: Salad & Protein.
Dinner: Protein & cooked veg OR Protein & Salad.

My lunch today... rabbit food.

It's been quite tough because I'm a snacker and there are moments (everyday I have to add) when I crave so badly a packet of crisps or eat some biscuits or something.  This is especially so during the afternoon lull - that quarter past 3 afternoon tea time.

I'm not going to lie but I've cheated a little... the first couple of days, I had a naughty twix *slaps hand*.  But I felt hungry and needed something to keep me going for the rest of the afternoon.  But apart from that... no carbs!  Also, Saturday night it was pouring with rain and my bf and I didn't want to brave the supermarket in the storm so ordered pizza *shakes head*. But...

Results so far??

I've actually lost 2.5kg in 6 days - awesome!  I wonder if I would've lost more weight if I didn't cheat at all?

Love Tx


A Day In Photos...

My choice of breakfast everyday now...

 Have to drink lots of H20 for the NED (something I don't tend to do)...
 My 'protein' dinner from M&S before Thursday night drinks...
 My current read on my commute...
My recent artwork before I painted my Mum & Dad's room...
I painted the heart too thick & it's now left a print under the new paint! ♥

Love Tx


The NED Diet?

I've been meaning to lose some weight and tone up for ages.  It is the summer after all and girls (and guys) are even more image conscious since we're trying to cram ourselves into skimpy tops and having to bare those legs of ours.

Don't get me wrong.  I'm not fat by any means but I just need to get back into shape (and into my old clothes)!  Ideally, I'd like to lose 7kg/ 3/4 of a stone/ 15 pounds.  This does seem far fetched especially as I'm making small efforts to eat healthy and still craving/consuming naughty foods - yup - those cheeky carbs and sinful snacks.

I was recommended a diet recently by a wonderful friend of mine.  She went on this diet along with her bf and they've experience great results in a short period of time - bonus!  So I decided to jump on the bandwagon and try this thing out.  It says it's a 'simple' way to lose weight.  The approach basically imitates the lifestyle of our ancestors - ice age and all that - where they eat more but move little.  It say's that you can:
  • Shed pounds in a matter of weeks.
  • Say goodbye to enless exercise. 
  • Beat diabetes and prevent heart disease 
  • Look younger and prevent premature ageing 
  • Increase your sex drive (?!)

    YES - I think I'm onto a winner here!


    Then menu looks a bit... difficult. It goes against the grain on common diet plans of eating less but more often.  This, I'd have to eat 3 square meals a day.  Snacking is aloud inbetween.  However, from looking at the plans, it really does cut out ALL carbs, grains, dairy, non-foods (goodies basically), and also missing out the occasional meal (because our ace-age ancestors did this often when there was no food available).


    What food do I get to eat?  Lots of seafood (like LOTS), vegetables, fruit, meat, and lots of water.  Meat, veg and fruit I can deal with.  Problem is I love seafood but things like Salmon is expensive (espeically the amount suggested on a weekly basis) and no carbs.  I mean... NO CARBS? What the hell am I going to do?

    It's going to be really tough but then again, as I don't need to lose weight extremely quickly I will be slightly lenient (i.e. going for a meal with friends and having the occasional snack).  I think it's important to stay healthy and all tha jazz but I'd like to live a bit as well - I know this sounds so contradicting even as I type this.

    I'm starting this 'diet' tomorrow... so I'll be cramming by last bits of carb & naughtiness beforehand hah! We'll see how I get on and I will do a weekly update and review on this diet.

    Love Txx