Summertime, And Living Is Easy.

Summer... hmm.  Not quite here in the UK (is it ever??).  After that brief spell of hot weather we had in April - 3 months ago I might add - we've had bits of sunshine but not a rise in mercury.  As it's grey and dull outside I wanted to brighten things up and do a blog spot about my favourite summer nail varnishes.  Here's the spectrum of colours...

After I painted my nails I realised I should have done them the other way round because I started on my pinky first *doh*! So I've reversed the images to show it better - hopefully.

From L - R:
1) Elf - Nude
2) Rimmel French Manicure - French Ivory
3) Barry M - Peach Melba (definite a favourite!)
4) Pinkey (Hong Kong brand sorry!) - not sure what would be equivalent
5) Beauty UK (from Superdrug) - Pink Explosion
6) Pinkey - same as above
7) Rimmel I Love Lasting Finish - Tangerine Queen
8) Barry M - Mint Green (looks bluey here but it's really mint green!)
9) Barry M - Spring Green
10) Rimmel 60 Seconds - Sky High

What's your favourite polishes for the summer you would recommend?

Love Tx


  1. LOVE the peachy hand! peach melba is my fave too! xx

  2. It sure is lovely! Looks so good on tanned skin :) xx

  3. Love the colours.


  4. It really is an awful summer that we're having. But these nails colour are definitely bound to brighten up any day!

  5. oooh i did my nails in random pastel colours this week x

  6. Hi I've nominated you for the 'One Lovely Blog Award'!

    (You can take a look at my post if you want to see the rules :)

    Love the blog, you always write great posts :) Nice colours btw, Barry M Mint Green looks lovely!


  7. Love your nails!! You've a lovely blog. Follow me! :)
    Rougeberry Fashion