Travel Bucket List

Everyone's got a bucket list of things they want to do & see before you know... you kick the bucket. Thought I'd share with you my travel bucket list... they're not listed in priority but definitely want to see all these places (and more)!

1) Petra, Jordan
2) Tel Aviv, Israel
3) Machu Pichu, Peru
4) Toronto & Vancouver, Canada
5) See the Aurora Borealis in Canada
6) West to East coast USA
7) Trinidad & Tobago Carnival
8) Great Wall & Terracotta army, China
9) Guilin, China
10) Nepal
11) Golden triangle, India
12) Indonesia
13) Istanbul, Turkey
14) Athens, Greece
15) Kenya, Africa
16) Uluru, Australia
17) French Polynesia
18) Hawaii
19) Bolivia
20) Christ the Redeemer, Brazil
21) New Zealand

Yeah this list grows...it's like mould or something hah. But I'm going to really make an effort and go to ALL (ok maybe some) of these places before I'm 30!

Do you have a bucket list and if so where would you like to go?



Lusting after...

THIS! Have seen a few people with this and I want I want I want... I mean, I need I need I need!  But for £80 from Zara but I don't think I can justify it especially now I'm broke after my travels... boo.

Anybody have this?


Run Forest Run

The Virgin London Marathon is here again! Can't believe it's been another year.  I'm very lucky to live practically on the doorstep of the marathon so this morning having woken up to the sounds of the helicopter flying above, I legged it out the door in the hopes of seeing some elite runners, celebrities, and the general public running on mass and especially those running in costume.

The sun was shining today with a little chill in the air so it was perfect conditions.  I really admire the marathon runners... because it's something I can't even imagine I would ever be able to do.

Here's a few photos from this morning...

1. Before the runners came. 2. The band playing their thang

3. Run Forest Run sign... love.

4. Elite mens  5. Shawn and me

6. Brave old man in a mankini pahahah.

7. Where's Wally?  8. Snow White

9. High fiving the runners :)

It'll be my last year watching the London Marathon up close and personal as I'm moving house in 2 weeks time.  I'll miss being in the thick of the action but I'm hopeful for what life will bring next.

Love Tx


Calling all Pinteresters!

Everyone's loving a bit of Pinterest at the moment... what better than to see something you like and pin it on your very own virtual pinboard?

Are you on Pinterest? If so let me know and I'll follow you!


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My Tailor Made Dress

Yup that's right. A tailor made dress... whoop! I don't think I've ever thought I'd ever have anything tailor made really until I was riding down the streets of Hoi An in Vietnam. There are many dress makers in Vietnam and I thought... lets just pop in and see what happens. I walked out having picked a dress (didn't have time to design my own unfortunately!) having chosen the colour, length and material. It was AWESOME and it was made in 1 day... it's crazy especially with the crimping/fold detail!  I decided to get myself a LBD since I don't really have one and everyone knows they're a wardrobe essential.  I chose a mid length one shoulder black dress, silk inner layer and a chiffon top layer and here it is... and all for a bargainus £20!!! 

I best not grow any bigger in case it doesn't fit! What do you think?


Through The Lens...

A snapshot of my week...

 1) Lunch at the local hang out... 2) Home made pizza with ham, tomatoes, mozzarella and lambs lettuce. 3) Big rain clouds coming in over Canary Wharf & O2. 4) Whole roast pig 5) At Tran's engagement party 6) My Hunger Games trilogy.. love it! 7) Coffee break at Costa 8) My Easter egg from work 9) Muscles in white wine with soft bread at the local hangout yum!