Run Forest Run

The Virgin London Marathon is here again! Can't believe it's been another year.  I'm very lucky to live practically on the doorstep of the marathon so this morning having woken up to the sounds of the helicopter flying above, I legged it out the door in the hopes of seeing some elite runners, celebrities, and the general public running on mass and especially those running in costume.

The sun was shining today with a little chill in the air so it was perfect conditions.  I really admire the marathon runners... because it's something I can't even imagine I would ever be able to do.

Here's a few photos from this morning...

1. Before the runners came. 2. The band playing their thang

3. Run Forest Run sign... love.

4. Elite mens  5. Shawn and me

6. Brave old man in a mankini pahahah.

7. Where's Wally?  8. Snow White

9. High fiving the runners :)

It'll be my last year watching the London Marathon up close and personal as I'm moving house in 2 weeks time.  I'll miss being in the thick of the action but I'm hopeful for what life will bring next.

Love Tx


  1. the mankini!! haha! looks like you had fun! :)


  2. That's great that you went down there to support the runners!

  3. Have your ran a marathon before? It must be fun to watch too!!