My New Dog & Bone!

I did it.  I broke my iphone a few weeks back and Apple couldn't fix it.  Yup.  All contact details were lost, all 1000+ photos gone, old messages... zip. ziltch. nada. kaput. vaminos.  I only saved a few photos and of course iphone doesn't allow any information to be stored on the sim.  Cut long story short, my contract was coming to an end anyways so it was time to get a new phone.

After umming and aahhing for a while, I decided to LEAVE the iphone club(?!). Yup. I am now no longer part of the iphone clan and all that jazz that comes with it.

Instead, I've now got myself a new Samsung Galaxy S2... Ta Da!

how to make gif

I was really scared to come out of my 'comfort zone' as I do love the iphone.  However, despite how 'great' the iphone is, there's lots of things that I don't like or that really bug me about it so thought it was time to venture out and try something new.  Plus I didn't want to feel like SHEEP anymore!

The SGS2 is sooooooo good! It's so much more technologically advanced than the iphone.  It's SUPER LIGHT and there's so much more personalisation, there's cool widgets, you can just about do anything like I even used it to work out something in Excel (crazy sh*t). The camera is 8 megapixel... what more do you want? OHHH... I've also been watching films on my phone during my commute - love! I've also bought a really nice purple (photo isn't great - it was taken using the iphone).

The only downside is the battery life but other than that, I'm sooooo glad that I'm not just following the Apple craze.  What I hate about the iphone is that, it's actually not that great because it's miles behind everyone else yet everyone loves it (bet if iphone allowed software like Excel on it or an 8mgp camera on it, people would be like "Oh my god. That's like the coolest thing ever" even though it's been out for donkey's ears).  8/10 people have an iphone on the tube and it feels nice not to be just another iphone user.

Anybody else have this phone? If not, which phone do you have??

Love Txx


  1. Sorry to hear that you lost everything on your iPhone! Bold and underlining is necessary though; how could you leave the iPhone club :O ?! Haha of course I think it's the most amazing thing ever and I'm always skeptical when people say how much better other phones are (because how could they be?!). To be honest, it's probably the amount of apps available on the iPhone that makes it so good and it doesn't hurt that it's so shiny too *__* haha x

  2. Jade - I knowwwwww!! I'm a bit sad to leave the club but also quite glad that I'm not 'conforming' lol. I was also very skeptical but just adding the things up that annoy me about iphones just made me think that trying something new is good to see what's out there. But i totally agree - the iphone apps are much better. Android market doesn't categories their apps as well as iphone but that's all going to chang apparantly?!

    Rimi - I'm not sure if they have it on Sprint. I think the phone is just about to come out in America so look out for it! But I've read somewhere that it's outselling the iphone 4!


  3. Very cool. I'm totally going Android when my iPhone 4 contract is up.

  4. I have an iPhone but I'm no longer interested in them. I only bought them just for Instagram and to put videos and games in it, but for contacts I used my Sony Ericsson T707. That phone is so loud I can hear my ringtone from 10 miles away. lol

    Great blog by the way..