A Royal Affair

Kensington Palace re-opened it's doors to the public again after a £12 million refurbishment.  Having only been opened 4 days, I thought it would be cool to explore the palace sooner rather than later and as I'm a lucky lady, my flatmate who works at the palace gave me and Shawn a free pass!

For those of you that don't know, the palace sits comfortably in London's Hyde Park and is set in stunning grounds.  The grass is freshly cut, there's a pretty lake right in front, and the red brick building is gorgeous.  It was bought by William III and Queen Mary for £20,000 in 1689 (you can't even buy a box with that money now) and was home to Queen Victoria and other Royals of which notably, the late Princess Diana, Prince Charles, and where Prince William and Harry was brought up.

So without further ado... here's what went down.

W for Wong whoop! Love this chair...

Beautiful display...

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