Starry Starry Night

" Starry starry night... paint your palette blue & grey..."

      Source: VisualiseUs

Wouldn't it be amazing if my back yard lookeed like this...? To be able to lie down on the grass & watch the stars  in the evenings...

The most amazing sky I've seen in my life was in Boracay, Phillipines.  They have 'brown outs' occasionally and I experienced this whilst walking on the beach with my friend and literally the sky suddenly lit up like there was a big firework or something... then we realised the whole island was plunged into darkness.  The sky was lit up by the stars.  It was trully amazingggg... we sat & chat until dawn & it will be one of those memories I'll never forget & one I'd love for it to be repeated.

Boracay, Phillippines. Source: Terri Wong

Just one more thing... me and Shawn have talked about going to see Aurora Borealis in our lifetime... hopefully. It would be awesome to see it in Canada... or Norway.

  Source: www.visitnorway.com

Anyways... enough geekiness from me... will be doing a post on my ELF haul next :)

Love T ♥


  1. OM gosh I hope I get to see a sky like this in my life time how amazing you cant beat the beauty of mother nature xoxo

  2. fantastic pictures xxxxx

  3. Honest opinion please... does my red lipstick look alright on me, pic's on my blog x

  4. such lovely pictures ..