Guest Blog #1

My 1st guest post is by Shannon from the lovely The Creation of Beauty blog.  She's written a beautiful post which encapsulates a lot of what people have and will continue to experience.  I love reading her posts and she's definitely worth following!

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What is it about fashion that sets our hearts racing?

Fashion is thrilling. Whether window-shopping or drooling over runway stills and lookbooks, fashion is an experience. Certain designs resonate within us - we imagine them as part of our lives.

My own foree into the world of fashion was unexpected. Throughout my teen years, I dressed in enormous band t-shirts and baggy jeans. Fashion was simply something I did not apply to my own existence.

Somewhere along the line, however, everything changed. I don't remember the exact moment, or know why it happened, but it did. My life was suddenly illuminated by fashion.

The changes to my wardrobe were slow at first, and then snowballed. Suddenly I started to feel more comfortable in my own skin – something I had always struggled with. I began to discover myself through fashion.

I fell in love with the confidence that came from clothing; with the ways it could showcase who I truly was. Fashion allowed me to display my personality in a way that my shy demeanour never could. It helped me to find my voice.

Whatever fashion means to you, embrace it. Find your voice, find your style, and never look back.

By Shannon


  1. Great great guest blog-post! We love Shannon's blog, and we do glad to find your blog, Terry! Keep inspiring! Following you for sure. :)

    PS: Check out our new second DIY tutorial series to add your spring inspiration! ;)

    MLU the blog.

  2. Go Shannon! I definitely agree - wearing something that looks good on you and that feels like "you" makes you feel so much more comfortable and confident xx

  3. This is a beautiful guest post! I was exactly the same a few years ago! Then I just decided to better take care of myself :)


  4. Just came across your blog and it's so lovely!! :)

    Now following, please check out mine if you can!

    Thank you :)