My New Pad!

I recently moved to the outskirts of London (from Zone 3 to Zone 5 shock horror!).  It's to make my commute to work more bearable as I was doing almost 1.5hrs each way and wasting 3hrs of my life everyday.  I wasn't too sure about moving alllllll the way to Zone 5 being so far away from Central and all that but I'm loving it so far :)

Without further ado...here is the pad.

Living room

Living room part deux (lighting = fail)

My bathroom...

My bedroom...

I ♥ my new wardrobe...

So that's pretty much it!  Isn't it cute??



  1. I'm glad you're liking it there so far! That is quite the move though. The place looks absolutely beautiful!

  2. It is! I'm still a bit dubious about being so far out but the people are slightly more civilised here lol.