New Curlers: Amika Review

I recently bought some new curlers using some birthday money.  I've been meaning to get one for a while now but couldn't decide. Whilst at House of Fraser the other day, I walked past the Amika counter and was pulled in to get my hair curled.  I was really impressed and as every sales persons dream, I was talked into buying them.  I bought the 25mm ones as it was perfect for my hair length. It also comes in 19mm for much tigher curls and a bigger barrell for longer hair.

I decided to get it on a whim based on the following reasons:

1) The hair curlers worked a dream and curled hair really quickly -  I don't have the time or patience to spend that long doing my hair.
2) They are ceramic so is much healthier for the hair. The technology allows even heat distribution.
3) They were bought at £79.99 however, this has lifetime guarantee so if they breakdown, you can go to any Amika counter with your receipt and get a replacement pair on the spot.
4) You can get your hair done at any Amika counters the next 3 years whilst you're out and about.

I think paying this amount of money for curlers is extortionate but the lifetime guarantee and instant replacement really did it for me as it's so easy for cheap curlers to breakdown or not work as well. Also, I want my hair to damage my hair so it's important to get the right ones.

It comes with nice box - what you would expect in this price range.

It's also nice that it has an on/off button as some just turn on as soon as you plug it in.

It comes with a glove just in case you dont want to burn youself.  It's also a 360 degree swivel cord so it's easy to manoeuver it whilst you're curling. (And an extra large label to warn children!).

I've not used it much but here's the end result!
Loose curls can be done by wrapping sections of it for about 5 seconds...

... and for tighter curls, curl smaller sections of hair round the wand for about 10 seconds. (I didn't spend too long on it, but it can be a lot tighter and 'ringletty').

I'm quite impressed with this curler and really like the loose curls that it makes.  It also feels smooth and soft after it's been curled. I'm so happy I can have a different hair style now instead of a dead straight bob!!

Have you used Amika before and what do you think?